LiquidPlanner Service Level Agreement


Site Uptime199.9% monthly
This page is updated in real time during a service incident. Visit this page for the latest information.
Support Channel

Online Help:


Phone: 1-888-551-5572

Hours of CoverageMonday–Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time
Response TimesInitial ResponseOngoing Response
Critical Issue21 business hourHourly updates  
Regular Issue1 business day1 business day
1 Site UptimeSite: OR
Does not include planned/announced outages for maintenance.3
2 Critical IssueLiquidPlanner site(s) is(are) unavailable. See site status:
3 Scheduled MaintenanceMaintenance windows will be scheduled as needed. Scheduled downtime will be posted in the application(s) and on the Site Status page, in advance.