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Predictive Scheduling Forecast when work will be done with a scheduling engine that dynamically adapts to change.
Automatic Resource Leveling Eliminate overload & improve utilization with automatic resource leveling across projects.
Priority-based Planning Align everyone around what matters most with priority-based planning.
Ranged Estimation Capture uncertainty in your plan through best-case & worst-case estimation.
Integrated Time Tracking Instantly update the schedule with logged progress & see where time really goes.
Smart Schedule Bars Know exactly when work will finish based on the uncertainty built into your estimates.
Built-in Learning Academy Experience integrated courses and lessons to learn and implement LiquidPlanner.
Portfolio Views Manage all of your projects in a prioritized Portfolio View.
Project Views Manage your project details, tasks & assignments in Project Views.
Board Views Experience Board Views for projects, packages, team members & groups.
Grid Views Experience Grid Views at all levels of the project portfolio.
Alerts & Insights Gain visibility to schedule risk in real-time & have useful information to resolve it.
Schedule Insights Leverage data-driven insights to improve project performance.
Dependencies Use finish-to-start dependencies on packages, projects, sub-folders & tasks.
Target Start & Finish (Deadlines) Use target dates to guide predictive scheduling & know if you can meet your deadlines.
Change Tracking Rich change tracking & "Undelete" make it easy for teams to work together.
Portfolio-wide Search Search across portfolio collections to quickly find work.
Slack Integration Stay informed of assignments and changes to your existing work with built-in Slack Integration.
Single Sign-On LiquidPlanner provides a centrally managed Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration that integrates LiquidPlanner with your corporate SSO solution.
Availability Management Account for company holidays, vacations & individual availability that impacts the schedule.
Portfolio Workload Views Stay on top of your team's workload across all projects.
Project Workload Views See & manage workload specific to a project.
Member Workload Views See & manage workload specific to a person or modeling resource.
Group Workload Views See & manage workload specific to a group.
Access Roles Determine what users can see & do with unique access roles.
Project Access Controls Set location-based access to specifc projects or packages of work.
Task Management Customize your task status to match your team’s workflow and use powerful editing tools to update and manage work.
Personal Work Views Team members get a personalized Workload, Board, and Timesheet View to help them get the right work done.
Task Export Export out project data, time tracking entries & rate sheet information for billing.
Task Import Import your tasks in to build projects quickly.
Timesheet Review & Exports Review & export timesheet data for team members across desired projects.
Rate Sheets Set up Rate Sheets for billing & analysis.
Custom Filtering Filter Views & Dashboards by status, schedule risk, custom data properties & more.
Custom Task Status Customize Task Statuses to model workflows & guide scheduling with settings for Active, On-Hold & Done.
Smart Widgets for Dashboards Chose from a variety of dynamic widgets in the gallery to customize your dashboards.
Project Dashboards One-click setup to visualize work & see real-time scheduling insights for projects.
Package Dashboards One-click setup to visualize work & see real-time scheduling insights for a package of projects.
Custom Workspace Dashboards Customize Dashboards to focus on desired data across the portfolio.
Custom Cost Codes Categorize how time is being spent & associate Cost Codes with assignments and tracking.
Custom Data Fields Enrich categorization & analysis by adding your own properties to projects, members, and tasks.
Member Groups Members can belong to multiple Groups to model teams/departments & to set Access Controls.
Unlimited Placeholders Have unlimited placeholders to assign work to that does not need to be scheduled or tracked.
Modeling Resources 2 resources are included with every license purchased. Plan, schedule and track work for non-users or machines.
Unlimited Workspaces Plan work for different departments, subsidiary companies or projects you'd like separate.
Min Users You can purchase any paid plan with 1 or more user licenses. 1 1 1 1
Max Users The maximun number of users than can be invited to collaborate (applies only to the FREE PLAN) 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Tasks The maximum number of tasks that can be created and managed by plan. 300 5000 50000 Unlimited
Max Projects The maximum number of projects that can be created and managed by plan. 10 50 500 Unlimited


This plan is limited to 3 people, 6 resources, 10 projects and 300 tasks. It offers use of the ESSENTIALS features and can be upgraded later. Sign up today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely!

No credit card required. Our FREE PLAN allows up to 3 users, 6 resources, 10 projects, and 300 tasks in one workspace.

Go to Administration > Upgrade Account and select Buy Now for the plan you wish to purchase.

Enter the number of licenses needed and use the Upgrade button to confirm your choice.

Only Org Admins can purchase licenses or make subscription updates.

No minimum! You can purchase just one user license on any of our paid plans.

Yes! LiquidPlanner offers a variety of Professional Services to choose from depending on your team’s needs. 

All the features of the ULTIMATE plan for 14 days within a single workspace.